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A Proven Screening Trick To Filter the Best Candidates

Here’s a simple screening trick to accurately assess how capable candidates really are.

Hide the resume (for this step at least) and create MINI-WORK-CHALLENGES.

This way you get candidates to SHOW you how capable they are rather than just TELL you.

In this video, applying RemiPeople, we show you how mini-work challenges can distinguish the most capable job applicants from the least capable.

No longer do you need to be concerned about a traditional screening process that has a high risk of turning away the very employees your business needs.


Yvonne Bowyer

Yvonne Bowyer is CEO and Co-Founder of the Start Up RemiPeople, Recruiting and Diversity software to fix recruitment. Now in her third career, first as a Dietitian, then in various Executive Leadership positions and now launching her first Start Up. Passionate about driving business performance through diversity and trying ever so hard to balance career and motherhood.

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