Employee Communication During Coronavirus: Feeling Together Whilst Being Apart.

We all want to be remembered.   Including me! It was my birthday a week ago. I was overwhelmed with birthday wishes.  But one voice was missing. My mother never called 😞.    Similarly, employees you’ve regrettably had to stand down during the COVID19 pandemic don’t want to be forgotten. They need to hear a friendly voice, see (virtually) a friendly smile.

Cards For A Gender Equal World

Make your female colleagues feel GREAT this International Women’s Day by sending her a card. Not any old card, but a card with clout! Make a pledge, to ensure work life is fair and equal for all.

This years theme is #eachforequal. Let’s all play our part. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.

Below are 9 congratulatory cards you can send to the women you know. All for FREE.

Each card contains an action you can start immediately.

Send different cards to different women or send them all the same card. Either send them directly (via Messenger or WhatsApp) or tag them in a social media post (hover over the card and select your preferred social media channels).

Now is your turn to take action.

From Bystander To Upstander

Let women know you’re willing to stick up for them, exactly when they need it most.

Choosing Impact Over Impressions

When you first meet someone and find yourself labelling them, stop and challenge the label. For example if you’re interviewing a mature candidate and find yourself thinking they’ll be ‘

How To Verify The Best Candidates Fast

If only you had the superpowers to pinpoint which candidates are a good match based on proven job-related skills.

⚠️Warning – you’ll soon be anointed with said superpowers.

It’s tough for employers. Your ability to find the truth about candidates is limited.

Candidates want to get hired. They want to be seen in a positive light – they embellish and exaggerate their resume to stand out. 

Sometimes it’s lies.

Background screening company HireRight revealed 19.5% of Australian resumes contained information that didn’t match official records. 

Compared to 12.5% in India, 17% in Hong Kong and 18.3% in Singapore.

That makes us the biggest liars in the Asia Pacific region.

Discrepancies ranged from criminal histories to fake qualifications.

But most of the time it’s spin.

You’ve seen it yourself. Time and time again. Candidates who don’t possess the skills they claimed to have during the hiring process. 

Traditionally you extract this information from a resume and the interview process.

But this relies on what the candidate does and doesn’t tell you.

Don’t you agree it’s hard to know what skills candidates possess without them showing you? 

Diversity Hiring Software You Need To Know

Australian Ecosystem of diversity hiring technologies

Here’s a confronting truth. One you maybe thinking doesn’t apply to you – of course you want to hire the best person for the job.

“We’re NOT looking for the best person for the job. We ARE looking for [pause] err, someone like me”

A Hiring Truth

Yet, the odds of actually achieving this is no better than chance. Whether you’re doing it internally or outsourcing some or all of the process.

It’s even got a name – The Myth of Merit. You’ll find well meaning Australian business leaders advising you to take action and no shortage of advice here and here about how to overcome it.

But progress is still small and slow.

Just look at the statistics,

For the past 20 years Australian employees continue to work in industries dominated by one gender.

  • Only 46.5% of employed Australians work in gender mixed organisations
  • 25.9% of Australian workers work in female-dominated industries (Health Care and Social Assistance and Education and Training) and this is only increasing
  • 27.6 % work in male-dominated industries (Construction and Transport) recorded a decline in female representation,
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Avoid the 🐝 Sting of Hiring in Springtime

Hurray for spring! A beautiful time of year where everything seems to come to life.

You see a world more colourful. It even smells better. Opportunities abound. 

And not just at home, but at work too.

It’s the first quarter of the new financial year. Over the last 2 months you’ve been handed your budget (one that never arrives on time!) and can now turn towards executing your plans for the year ahead.  

One of the first things you might want to do is hire a new team member. Acting with speed is paramount. The later you leave it, the less likely you’ll get the return you’re expected to deliver.

Problem is, no one applies.

The good news, it’s not just you, other businesses are feeling it too.

This graph explains. During springtime it’s a candidate’s market. There’s plenty of work – job openings are at the highest – but the volume of candidates searching for work is at its lowest.

This analysis, by global jobs site Indeed, of Australian searches shows the seasonality between the supply (of job postings) and demand (of job searches).

Mispronouncing, misspelling & misjudging names will harm your hiring process

People’s names are one of the sweetest sounds that people hear. Best to get it right.

How would you pronounce the last name Wesolowski? Maybe Wahzuhlooski? Even Wazinski? or more accurately Wes-oh-LAU-skee? Maybe for an anglophile like me, this is a little easier ‘chess-toe-HOW-ski’

Mispronouncing, misspelling, misinterpreting or misjudging a person’s name is a surefire way to sour any relationship.

Serena put up with a manager calling her Sabrina for years. She’d point out the error, the manager duly apologised, but the next time he was in town, he’d still call her Sabrina. Whilst they laughed it off, deep down it annoyed her and left her with little respect for her manager.

And it’s not just the sight of foreign names with 15 plus characters, nor letter combinations like ‘Duygu’ or “Lija’ that can easily stump us.

We frequently get, even the simplest of names staggeringly wrong. When can Rhys ever be ‘Rice’ (often according to my friend)? Why would we choose to spell the common version of “Graham” with Graeme or even Grahame? Or feel we should mess with ‘John’ by omitting the ‘h’ to ‘Jon’ or adding a ‘c’ to someone called Jak?

7 Wicked Ways To Save Time You Waste On Recruitment

If you’re spending too much time on recruitment, then this is for you.

The two-part formula is wickedly simply,

1. Use the best recruitment process and

2. Automate it.

Why? Well if you don’t have the best and by that, I mean an evidence-based based recruitment process, the likelihood you’ll select the best hire is no better than chance.

If you’re not actively removing bias from the process, you can’t focus on capability to do the job. That’s the goal right? But most organisations big or small don’t. 

If you’re a large organisation, then it’s likely you’re automating parts of the recruitment process.

Trouble is you’re automating an inferior process. Sure, it can reduce the administrative tasks associated with hiring, but you’re only getting quicker not better.

If a top performing employee is worth 3 times that of an average employee you need nothing less, than a system that not only automates but augments hiring by removing bias.

RemiPeople is an online recruitment web app that removes bias from each stage of the recruitment process. You create job role assessments,