5 Ways Dealerships Can Recruit And Retain Great Hires

“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – John Wooden.

Rushing through something might save you time right now, but it’ll ultimately take you more time to do it over if there are problems.

The ‘bums on seats’ hiring strategy might save you time today, but it’ll cost you time and money tomorrow. A. Lot.

Dealerships have one of the highest employee turnover rates. One Australian automotive group, with four dealerships, employing over 230 people were forced to uncover the ugly truth about employee turnover. It measured 39% meaning 90 new hiring assignments per year. Many of which were to correct hiring mistakes. Each mistake cost them just shy of $AUD 37,000.

Business is wasting billions each year because of the volume of hiring mistakes. The cumulative costs involved in bad recruitment include money wasted on training, lost productivity, and reduced staff morale and engagement.

Is your Dealership any different?

Get it right. First time.

Here’s 5 ways to get the right bums on the right seats. First time.


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Screen For The Best Candidates Using These Questions

75 Questions That Will Help Your Dealership Find The Best

Why Hiring Managers & Recruiters Don’t Get Along And What To Do About It.

Every hiring decision stands on three legs – the recruiter, the hiring manager and the candidate.

Any leg of the stool that is too short or too long will cause an imbalance- at best lots of rework, at worst missing out on the best candidate.

Here’s what each leg is about:

The Recruiter (those who partner with the business to recruit) is responsible for attracting the right talent.

The Hiring Manager (whom the role ultimately reports to) has to properly screen and select candidates then sell the position to secure the best person.

The third leg is the Candidate. They are responsible for showing the value they will provide to the business.

Too often each of these legs don’t measure up, some too long, some too short. Realising that, here’s how you can work on evening them out,


Mismatch in understanding between the recruiter and hiring manager. Whilst recruiters think they have a “high” to “very high” understanding of the jobs they recruit for, hiring managers disagree, believing recruiters have, at best,

How To Better Screen Candidates In Your Dealership Without Looking At One CV

Sigh! That burdensome feeling you get from an unexpected team vacancy. The burden of extra work you and your team will have to shoulder. Maybe even the stress of missing important deadlines or targets.

That’s exactly how Simon, a car dealership Sales Manager felt when faced with the task of recruiting and onboarding a new sales consultant. That is until he ran into Jo in the staff kitchen. Jo was the receptionist and after hearing Simon’s troubles told him about her brother. Darren was looking for a job and even had automotive selling experience. Simon couldn’t believe his luck- the prospect of no lengthy recruitment process and very little training was a dream come true. What’s more Darren was available for an interview immediately and all being well could start straight away.

Simon later acknowledged the only reason he wouldn’t have given Darren the job, was if he hadn’t showed up. He did and was working on the shop floor the following week. Problem solved. Or was it the beginning of something else?

Well, turns out Simon’s problems had just begun. Darren couldn’t achieve his sales targets, rarely showed up on time, always had an excuse and despite additional training and coaching couldn’t perform at an acceptable standard.

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Screen For The Best Candidates Using These Questions

75 Questions That Will Help Your Dealership Identify The Best

How This Dealership CFO Slashed HR Costs.

This case study was presented at the 2018 Australian Automotive Dealers National Convention on 5th September.
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